Veterinary Supplies Save Lives in Romania

SPCA International is proud to provide veterinary supplies to partner organizations around the world. Dog Rescue Romania is one of these partners. They recently received a shipment from our Veterinary Supply Aid program and shared their thoughts and some pictures with us. 

Here’s what they had to say, “Our friends from America are always thinking about us. SPCA International sent us donations that are essential for our shelter. They sent us medical products that help us to save lives. Thank you, beautiful people! We send you lots of hugs!”

Every single SPCA International supporter should receive one of those hugs because this program would be impossible without our network of donors, supporters and sharers.

The shipment included thousands of dollars’ worth of medications and supplies. These supplies will help treat many sick and hurting animals.

Dog Rescue Romania is a small but mighty shelter that rescues some of Bucharest Romania’s most needy dogs and cats. They provide life-saving medical care to suffering animals. They also work to find loving forever homes for the animals they save.

Most Romanians take home less than $700 per month, so it is hard for them to afford veterinary medicine and supplies. That’s why donated veterinary supplies help animals receive the care they need before going home to adoptive families.

Our Veterinary Supply Aid program collects new veterinary supplies in North America and ships them overseas to developing countries like Romania. The cost of delivering these donated supplies is only a fraction of the actual value of each shipment. That means every donation to this program is multiplied! Shipping and customs clearance can get tricky, but shipping these supplies is worth it to save lives.