Emergency Rescues Surge as Troops Pull Out of Syria

By Meredith Ayan, Executive Director

The U.S. Government’s recent announcement to pull troops out
of Syria has caused a surge in applications to our Operation Baghdad Pups:
Worldwide program. Our Middle East and North America teams are working hard to
make sure we get to animals before their soldiers leave. It hasn’t been easy,
but our dedicated staff has risen to the challenge.

Over the past week, I have been reflecting on these challenges and feel extremely grateful to the recurring donors that support rescues month after month. Recurring donations help SPCA International take action when a crisis arises, because we know we can count on regular financial support from a group of generous individuals. Without these funds, we would have to turn some soldiers down. 

With the current situation in Syria, recurring donations have
allowed us to take over 20 animals into our care on very short notice. These
animals were immediately placed with a safe veterinary team and are being cared
for until they are cleared for travel.

The soldiers on the ground understand how difficult
conditions are for animals in the Middle East. They know if their beloved pets
are left behind, they will quickly fall victim to the elements, hunger, thirst,
packs of wild dogs and even human cruelty.

These men and women who serve our country are so extremely
grateful for the help we are able to provide thanks to the generous individuals
who give to SPCA International.

In closing, thank you to everyone who donates to
SPCA International. Whether once, or monthly, your dollars make a huge