Home at Last!

We have some incredible news to share! 12 Patriot Pets have finally arrived in the United States, wagging their tails with joy! Compassionate members of the U.S. military rescued these precious pups during their deployments in the Middle East. The servicemembers contacted SPCA International for help bringing their furry companions home. 

Thanks to SPCA International’s Patriot Pets program, these wonderful pups were given a chance at a happy and safe life in the U.S. Our team brought the pups to our facility in Iraq, where they received tons of love and care while preparing to embark on their way home. After a long flight, the 12 dogs arrived at JFK Airport in New York City before continuing their journeys to their new forever homes scattered across the country. Today, these servicemembers are overjoyed to be reunited with their four-legged best friends. They can’t wait to create countless memories together.

Meet Some of the Lucky Pups:


Zain reunited with her family in the United States.

If there’s one thing Zain is sure of, it is that she absolutely loves her forever family. After months apart, Zain and her hero, U.S. veteran Max, are together again, and they couldn’t be happier. 

When Max first spotted Zain, she was scavenging for food. Max could not turn his back on the hungry, defenseless puppy and began visiting her twice daily, bringing her food and water. He wanted to help her but never imagined the two would form such a deep bond. Soon, Max could not imagine his life without her. And now, he doesn’t have to. 

Zain is now at the veteran’s home in Georgia, giving her new family endless cuddles and running around in the grass. This beautiful pup has officially traded life in the desert for life in the suburbs and is enjoying every minute of it.


Erba reunited with her family in the United States.

Erba making it to the United States is an absolute miracle. When military contractor, Evan, saw security in the area killing stray dogs, he jumped into action. Erba was facing the barrel of a gun, and without giving it a second thought, Evan risked everything to save her. At that moment, he promised her that he would always protect her. And this American hero has kept his word. 

Evan rushed Erba to the safety of our facility in Iraq. He visited her constantly, growing increasingly attached to the sweet dog. 

After months of waiting, Erba finally took her freedom flight home. Unfortunately, because Evan is currently on deployment, he was unable to greet Erba. Still, this loveable pup received a warm welcome from Evan’s family and his new fur siblings — two cats and two dogs, including a three-legged good boy also rescued through our Patriot Pets program. 


Pip at home in the United Staes.

One look into Pip’s eyes will make your heart melt, so it’s no surprise that when animal lover, Johannes, stumbled across the 3-week-old stray puppy near a military base, he instantly fell in love. Pip was tiny and so full of life. Johannes knew that she would likely not survive on her own, so he took her in. 

For months, he cared for the playful pup, growing closer and closer. He could not wait to bring Pip home to meet his family and two cats. He wanted nothing more than to give the pup that gave him comfort during a challenging time a good home. And now, Pip has precisely that! 

It was nothing but smiles and snuggles at Pip’s arrival home. The curious pup loves exploring her new home and bonding with her new family, including the hero who saved her, Johannes.

Every week, we receive more and more requests from U.S. service members who desperately need help bringing the beloved animals they befriend on deployment to safety. Each rescue can last from a few weeks to several months and cost between $4,000 to $9,000 per animal. We need your help reuniting these U.S. heroes with the animals they love.

PS: Thanks to your support, we’ve raised enough funds to bring Bella, the adorable pup rescued by Army Specialist Elijah during deployment, to the US! Your generosity has truly saved Bella’s life! Right now, she’s safe and sound at our facility in the Middle East, eagerly preparing for her freedom flight and the heartwarming reunion with her hero. We can’t wait to share this heartwarming moment with you all. Stay tuned.