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Holiday Gifts Simplified: SPCA International staff share their favorite pet-centric products.

Each year, we ask our SPCA International staff team for their favorite pet products of the year and they never cease to amaze with their incredible picks. We hope this list makes your holiday shopping just a bit easier for all the pets and pet people in your life. Enjoy!

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. Having more than one dog especially can make nighttime walking a precarious activity. They may be little in size but not in shine; these lights provide extra safety for our evening strolls and make great conversation pieces too! 

Cats can be moody, but once they get their own window perch, they’ll be the happiest kitty around. Quick to set up and easy to clean, cats will love looking out the window and watching the birds and wildlife all the time. Even better? It comes with a one-year guarantee!

When traveling with a big fur-baby, this backseat dog hammock will keep pups comfortable while protecting car upholstery. Non-slip, durable, waterproof and padded, this product from Active Pets is also versatile. When not being used as a hammock, it can be folded down on the back seat and seatbelts can be threaded through. It can also be used as a cargo cover!

What could be better than The Dogist, a book by Elias Weiss filled with hundreds of dog portraits and short, fun descriptions about their personalities? The Dogist Puppies, of course! Both books are absolutely adorable and will bring plenty of smiles to anyone who flips through them!

Pet fur can frustrate even the most loving of pet parents, but the Chom Chom Roller can ease their stress. With no sticky sheets and a reusable design, this pet fur product will keep furniture and clothing pet fur-free. Great for multi-pet households and anyone with a furry friend. 

A great gift for pet parents who love to cook, this dog treat maker comes with dog-friendly recipes and makes eight bones at a time. Plus, dog treat chefs can control the ingredients, ensuring their pups get only the healthiest foods. Making homemade dog treats for holiday baskets and gifts could be a great family activity! 

Not just any dog treat, Bucket’s Biscuits were designed for a picky eater rescued through SPCA International’s Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide program. Healthy and tasty, a portion of proceeds from Bucket’s Biscuits sales are donated to support SPCA International’s work rescuing pets for military members stationed overseas. 

These coats from L.L. Bean are trendy and practical for all the best winter adventures! Not only are they reversible for pooches with style, but the hassle-free design also eliminates the need to put paws through small openings. Two velcro straps and a harness/leash opening at the back of the neck make this coat easy on and easy off. It can also be machine washed and dried!

At-home pet grooming is simple and quick with this home grooming set. A couple of important features include a quiet motor so pets don’t get spooked and a rechargeable battery so getting tangled in a cord is never a worry. For the do-it-yourselfer, this set can help save hundreds of dollars a year in pet grooming costs.