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Cathulhu Home for the Holidays

Do you remember Cathulhu and Sergeant Arielle? They bonded after tiny Cathulhu found her way into the barracks on a U.S. military base in Lithuania. Sergeant Arielle’s heart broke for the weak, emaciated and sick kitten, but she saved Cathulhu’s life and nursed her back to health. When it came time for Sergeant Arielle to return to the U.S. she reached out to SPCA International for help. On her own, it was impossible to get Cathulhu to her home in Florida.

Cathulhu traveled from Lithuania to Poland where her travel paperwork and veterinary requirements have been processed. She has been in good company with several other cats waiting to be reunited with the U.S. military members who saved them. We are thrilled to share that the thoughtful cats in this video are all scheduled to arrive in the U.S. during Thanksgiving week! Sergeant Arielle will be waiting at the airport in Florida to welcome Cathulhu to her forever home.