Flights to Safety: Saving Animals from Euthanasia

SPCA International is partnering to help clear the Bakersfield, California, city animal shelter, which is at capacity. The number of animals coming into the shelter simply eclipses the number of animals being adopted. 

Without help, they’ll have to euthanize around 30 animals each day. The staff are heartbroken by this reality, so they are committed to moving approximately 180 adoptable animals to Canada, where adoptive families are waiting. 

SPCA International proudly sponsored the first of three flights operated by Pet Rescue Pilots. This huge undertaking involved the Bakersfield city shelter, Marley’s Mutts, Pet Rescue Pilots, BARKs Rescue and many volunteers from each group. 

On June 25th, the sponsored flight transported 60 animals 1,275 miles from Bakersfield to Great Falls, Montana, where BARKs volunteers received the animals. BARK then coordinated the final leg of their journey to Canada and loving adoptive families. 

In addition to saving the lives of animals at risk of being euthanized, this rescue mission allows the staff at the Bakersfield shelter to move out of crisis mode and focus on long-term solutions. They are focused on efforts to reduce the number of unwanted animals by providing community education and advocating for local ordinances that require pet sterilization and restrict backyard breeding.