Fighting Back Against Dogfighting

Thanks to an incredible outpouring of support from the SPCA International community, we are happy to announce Sam’s Cause grants to three organizations working on the front lines against dogfighting. These groups not only rescue animals, but also work with local authorities to put a stop to dogfighting operations. Because dogfighting is often related to other criminal activities, this work can be risky. SPCA International is proud to support Ravi Foundation, Dog Rescue Romania, and Detroit Animal Rescue Group.

Each of these organizations depends heavily on volunteers, and every donation makes a huge impact on their ability to rescue dogs from fighting rings and provide the extensive medical care these dogs need to heal.  

Ravi Foundation: This group in Pakistan is advocating tirelessly on behalf of animals. They are working with the media and local officials to appeal to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to put a stop to dogfighting. When dogfighting rings are broken up by police, those involved are often cited for gambling. The perpetrators pay a small fine but are then able to keep the dogs and continue their operations. Ravi Foundation is leading Pakistan in adopting more animal friendly policies and practices. 


Ravi Foundation Chairperson, Ms. Rafia Ashfaq speaks to the press about the problem of dogfighting in Pakistan.

Dog Rescue Romania: This group is rescuing animals from hopeless lives on the streets of Bucharest, where systematic dog killing is sanctioned by the government. They are chronically underfunded and must focus their resources on the animals in the worst conditions, such as those with injuries from fighting. Dog Rescue Romania rescued Sam and brought his situation to our attention. They continue to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome animals from seemingly hopeless situations.

DAWG (Detroit Animal Welfare Group): This organization is a shining example of volunteerism. Many weekend mornings see DAWG volunteers combing the streets and parks of Detroit for abandoned dogs – many are losers of dogfights. These volunteers bring dogs to the vet, organize foster placements, and search out loving homes for the dogs that live. Unfortunately, DAWG often finds animals that have already been killed – or are nearly dead – and are dumped out with the trash.  We are proud to support their efforts to save dogs harmed by fighting. 

DAWG volunteer at a protest to end dogfighting.