You Saved Her – Rey Has Been Rescued

By SPCAI Staff

We are thrilled to announce that Rey has been rescued thanks to hundreds of donations from SPCAI supporters! Captain Zeek is so grateful. Just a few days ago, SPCAI flew Rey out of Iraq and when her flight landed in California she was met by Captain Zeek and his wife, Stephanie. Rey has only just begun to take it all in, but she already seems to love her new home. Here is a selection of photographs Zeek sent us from their time together in Iraq and Rey's first experiences at her new home.

Rey Picture 1.png

Rey getting belly scratches from Captain Zeek on base in Iraq!

Rey Picture 2.png

Rey getting head scratches. Oooo…she loves ‘em!

Rey Picture 3.png

Two buddies being silly!

Rey Picture 4.png

Rey eating a chew stick sent from the states by Captain Zeek’s family and friends. 

Rey Home 1.jpeg

And now in California…Rey is lovin' some grass on one of her first walks with Zeek.

(As you can see from the previous photos with brown desert all around, she has probably never seen so much grass in one place!)

Rey Home 3.jpg

Look at all Rey's new toys and this plush dog bed! Pampered is her new normal.


It is hard to tell who is happier in this photo.

Rey Home 2.jpeg

It was full day in this fun new place and now Rey is exhausted…but still smiling!

Rey Picture 5.png

Rey was saved thanks to donations from many generous SPCA International supporters.

Thank you for being a critical part of our rescue team!