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Fighting the Abuse of Spanish Greyhounds

By Stephanie Scott, SPCAI Staff For many years SPCA International has been dedicated to fighting the systemic abuse of Spanish Greyhounds (Galgos).  Each year in Spain tens of thousands of galgos are abused and brutally killed by the people who bred them. Every other country in the E.U. has banned the barbaric sport of hare coursing because of the torture and brutality the tradition inflicts on the galgos. Through our ongoing education and advocacy efforts, SPCA International and SOS Galgos continue to work to ban this evil practice in Spain. As those efforts continue we are also supporting the constant rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of Spanish Greyhounds and podencos that are abused, tortured and abandoned by these hunters. Below you will find photos of Tinka, Lola, Peggy Sue, Honey, Abby, Billy Jean, Margot, Uva, Xena, Tinka, Stella, Syra, Taspa, Puskas, Ophelia, Zahara, Pino, Opal, Nieve, Leia, Manchita, Lusi, Leisi, Frascuelo, Gandalf, Laika, Hercules, Estiva, Flo, Francis, Dakota and Boston – all recently rescued and many already adopted by loving families after coming in with a myriad of injuries from abuse and neglect. These animals have survived tremendous wounds, starvation and dehydration – the worst of humanity. But they were taken in and loved by the wonderful volunteers at SOS Galgo and then their new families. Today they finally are beginning to trust again.