17 Dogs Being Rescued Ahead of CDC Ban

Socks and Stoly are just two of the seventeen dogs in the Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide program who were brought to the U.S. before July 14th. All of these pups were at risk of being stuck overseas when the CDC announced its decision to ban dogs from over 100 countries from traveling into the U.S. beginning July 14th. These new regulations are being put in place due to forged rabies certificates from people trying to profit from dog sales. Unfortunately, the ban also affects legitimate animal rescue organizations like SPCA International and our many partner organizations.

Socks and Stoly have made it safely to New York and we are now arranging their ground transportation to Colorado where their soldier anxiously awaits their arrival. Thank you to every person who contributed to help rescue these two lucky pups and fifteen others.

SPCA International is committed to continuing to help U.S. service members rescue the pups they befriend while deployed overseas. Going forward our Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide rescue missions might take longer but we are dedicated to bringing our service members’ patriot pets home.