Working Dogs Left to Die

By Meredith Ayan, Executive Director

You may have seen the news recently about the reports published about horrendous neglect of U.S. bomb-sniffing dogs in Jordan. In response to a hotline complaint, the Office of the Inspector General sent a team to do an evaluation of the kennel conditions of Explosive Detection Canines provided to Jordan. What they found was a horrifying combination of neglect, overwork and lack of basic veterinary care.

Dogs that were carefully trained to save lives are now living in squalid conditions. Their kennels are covered in feces, their water bowls are often dry, and they aren’t being fed regularly. All of that, and they are still expected to work long days under the hot sun; sniffing for bombs.

The report that was published makes an attempt to correct the living conditions, and some progress has been made. In late December, the State Department announced it would stop sending working dogs to Jordan and Egypt.

Unfortunately, U.S. trained dogs continue to live and work in Jordan and other foreign partner nations. This can feel like a lost cause, but it isn’t. We must urge the U.S. Government to implement worldwide standards of care can be met and monitored.

Will you join us in standing up for these animals? Please SIGN OUR PETITION urging the government for more transparency:

Our petition asks the State Department to STOP sending dogs to partner nations until policies are in place to ensure the well-being of these military dogs.

I have added my name to the list and hope you will too. You can read the full OIG report here: