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Meredith Ayan is the Executive Director of SPCA International. Ms. Ayan joined the organization in 2010 and spent four years improving organization operations and developing the Shelter Support Fund program before stepping into her current role in 2014.

During her time with SPCA International, she has run numerous Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide missions on the ground in Iraq and the Philippines; personally overseeing the rescue of U.S. service member’s beloved patriot pets.

In April 2014 she had the honor of testifying before the Congress of Deputies in Spain on the issue of stricter enforcement of laws pertaining to the abusive treatment of Spanish Greyhounds used for hare coursing. Ms. Ayan has led field work in Brazil, Guatemala, Iraq, The Philippines, Romania and Tanzania; saving animals, building global partnerships and initiating innovative new animal care campaigns.

Under Ms. Ayan’s management, SPCA International has set and achieved extraordinary goals; programs have expanded to serve more animals, grant distributions have significantly increased and SPCA International is active in more countries than ever before.

A graduate of Marymount Manhattan College, Ms. Ayan lives in New York City with her husband and her dog, Lilah.

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