Hero is Home!

When I was a soldier in Iraq my patrol happened upon a puppy. Dogs are not treated very well in this part of the world. So we dismounted I grabbed the puppy and we continued on with the mission. The puppy grew through the 3 months while I had him and we grew together. There was almost never a time when we were apart we shared meals and he loved to follow me everywhere. My squad and I named this cute little puppy Hero. I couldn't let Hero live the way dogs here live Hot, hungry and scared of humans. So I went on the internet searching for anyone that could help me get Hero back home. That's when I found SPCA International's program Operation Baghdad Pups. There was a quick application process and then a nervous wait for a response. That's when I met the director of the program and the woman that made it all happen for Hero and I. Every interaction I had with the staff was excellent. They were all kind, energetic and knowledgeable. I am so grateful to everyone at SPCA International that made it possible for Hero to move and now live in America. Thank you. - SPC Hatch

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