One “Lucky” Dog Survived Terrorists

By Lori Kalef, Program Manager


With an overwhelming number of rescue requests coming into our Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide program and many moving pieces to consider for each rescue, our team is often working around the clock to save lives. On a moment’s notice things can change, and if we don’t act right away it can mean life or death for one of these beloved four-legged war buddies.

Each application we receive describes a compelling bond and a story of how our heroic service members came to rescue their dog or cat often, from very hostile situations. It is without a doubt that each account of how these animals were saved by our service members astounds us to the core; however, there always that one that will forever be etched in our hearts and minds.

When you work in animal welfare, you are privy to the most horrendous cases of abuse. One who is not so immersed in the field can often think about animal cruelty as a vague and undefined concept, without fully appreciating what those words mean. That is until you read what I’m about to tell you.

Lucky, aptly named, was found in an evacuated terrorist building in Syria by a group of U.S. Soldiers. Much to the squadron’s surprise, they looked up to find this beautiful dog suspended from the ceiling, “he was hog-tied with all four paws taped together, snout taped shut, and his throat cut.  He was left for dead." The teammates quickly took him down and using their medical training, they were able to save his life. Everyone pitched in to take care of him and soon enough Lucky had become the camp mascot and the team’s lucky charm.

One Soldier wrote, “Lucky survived a horrible experience at the hands of the worst terrorist organization in the world.” And he repaid his saviors by bringing them joy, silliness and a little love to a group of U.S. Soldiers that spend their days on the battlefield. His survival represents the hope that evil organizations such as these will one day be defeated.” 

 It isn’t difficult to take one look into Lucky’s hopeful and grateful eyes and immediately fall in love. We sure did. Now more than ever, our team is working hard to find new and innovative ways to manage the challenging political climate in the Middle East, where most of our operations are conducted. There is nothing we wouldn’t do to bring this very ‘Lucky’ dog home. Stay connected with our team on social media for more updates on Lucky and the many other OBP: Worldwide dogs and cats waiting to be rescued.