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In a country known for its beauty and expansive culture, lies a dark and gruesome secret – hundreds of thousands of Greyhounds are openly abused, abandoned or cruelly killed each year by local hunters. The age old tradition of hunting hares with Galgos, or Greyhounds, in Spain has been around for thousands of years, and the method by which these gentle dogs are repeatedly tortured and disposed of is by far and large one of the most appalling acts of cruelty that SPCA International (SPCAI) has…
There’s a line from one of my favorite movies—Ever After—which sums up quite neatly why many people choose not to get involved in charitable giving. It’s part of a conversation between Crown Prince Henry II, and the woman he believes to be a courtier—Countess Nicole de Lancret, aka the commoner Danielle de Barbarac. He’s explaining to the very philanthropic (at heart, because she’s flat broke) Danielle why he hasn’t done much to help others with the plethora of resources at his royal disposal.
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