Wild Bird Rehab Haven

Honolulu, Hawaii
Their Work

Located in beautiful Honolulu, HI, Wild Bird Rehab Haven provides treatment and rehabilitation to the native birds that call the island home. 

This entirely volunteer-run organization assesses injury, treats shock and dehydration, splints broken bones, administers medications, treats a variety of other wounds, performs physical therapy, feeds hungry babies, and provides supportive care to all the birds it receives.

Wild Bird Rehab Haven has seen an increase in the number of birds it has treated, due to an increase in human land consumption that infringes on birds natural habitat. This loss of natural habitat forces many birds to find shelter in unlikely places that often prove dangerous.

A bird’s primary defense is its flight and without it, a bird is vulnerable to being attacked or killed by another animal or humans. If you come into contact with a bird that appears injured, Wild Bird Rehab Haven strongly suggests that you first call your local wildlife officials before taking direct action yourself. However, if you are unable to get in touch with your local wild animal rehabilitation facility, Wild Bird Rehab Haven suggests the following:

– Catch the bird and gently hold it in your hands to assess its condition. If the bird appears weak, cold, or has any apparent injuries such as an open wound, drooping wing, or broken leg, it requires immediate assistance.

– If the bird is bleeding, apply light pressure to the wound until bleeding stops.

– If the bird appears weak, it may require rehydration. You may provide the bird with juicy bits of fruit or small amounts of Gatorade or sugar water to help it rehydrate. 

– A bird missing feathers must be kept warm by using a heating pad or a heat lamp, but provide space for the bird to move away from the heat source so it can monitor its own heat.

– Carefully place the bird in a covered container that has proper ventilation. The container should be soft, warm and padded. Keep the bird in a quiet place, giving it access to warmth until you can reach your local wildlife officials or a veterinarian.

Wild Bird Rehab Haven takes in native birds throughout the island of Honolulu who have found themselves in harm’s way and gives them a safe environment where they can thrive. SPCA International commends this extraordinary team of volunteers and is proud to honor them as Shelter of the Week. To learn more about Wild Bird Rehab Haven, visit its Web site www.wildbirdrehabhaven.org.

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