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San Francisco, CA
Their Work

The tragic truth is that every day dogs with wonderful personalities are euthanized because they are considered “old” by many shelter standards and often deemed unadoptable. Shelter workers see it every day; a dog is brought in because he can no longer go for that morning run, or needs a little extra time to get up the stairs, or is in need of extra medical attention that the owner cannot afford.

In 2007, Muttville opened their doors in sunny San Francisco, CA, to the unadoptable, four-legged senior citizens that are often discarded. Muttville reaches out to senior dogs who have been surrendered or who are scheduled to be euthanized in local shelters and finds suitable homes for the adoptable or offers fostering for those that cannot be adopted.

Muttville’s mission is to change the way the world thinks about, and treats, older dogs and to create better lives for them through rescue, foster and hospice. If Muttville had its way, no dog would spend its last days in a cold, dark shelter on a concrete slab, but in a warm, caring home.

Muttville knows how much love and joy still remains in the older dogs it helps. Through Muttville’s outreach program, it strives to encourage current and potential dog owners to open their hearts to senior dogs. They try to teach dog owners that just because older dogs can’t be a running buddy, a tri-athlete or a Frisbee champion, doesn’t mean they're expendable. The warmth that a senior dog brings to a home will forever change the owner’s life and will provide wonderful lasting memories.

SPCA International is proud to honor Muttville as Shelter of the Week. We commend its hard work and innovative efforts to provide homes and resources for all the needy senior dogs in their community. You can learn more or donate directly to Muttville by visiting www.muttville.org.

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