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Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue

Foster, Rhode Island
Their Work

Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue is an exceptional organization that works closely with other area organizations to save bunnies facing imminent death due to space constraints in city shelters and pounds. This special Rhode Island rescue has been operating since 2002 and in that short amount of time it has found forever homes for more than 1000 rabbits.

Even in a little state like Rhode Island, the rate of pet rabbit surrenders is very high.  Most shelters and pounds don’t have much bunny space, or an extensive rabbit-homing network to help them manage an influx of these special creatures. That’s where Sweet Binks comes in. By partnering with the other shelters, Sweet Binks provides bunnies whose time has run out one more chance at finding a forever home. The strong partnerships that Sweet Binks has built allow it to be there for bunnies with nowhere else to turn.

Sweet Binks also provides the community with essential rabbit care and training education. It knows that if individuals who adopt or buy rabbits are educated in proper rabbit care and training, the rabbit surrender rate will decrease.

Sweet Binks is working every day to spread the “ADOPT A BUNNY” message. We hope you’ll take a moment to explore its Web site: www.rirabbits.org. SPCA International is very proud to honor such superior dedication to these treasured animals.

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