Sun Cities 4 Paws Rescue

Peoria, Arizona
Their Work

The mission of Sun Cities 4 Paws is to rescue cats and dogs and to provide them with temporary care either in foster homes or in a permanent shelter, while facilitating their adoption in appropriate homes. Sun Cities 4 Paws is sincere in its effort to cooperate with other organizations also dedicated to the rescue and care of homeless animals, while working for humane solutions to the problem of pet overpopulation.

These relentless efforts result in “Happy Tales,” and one story in particular, told by a volunteer, demonstrates the level of commitment Sun Cities 4 Paws to never give up on an animal:

I first saw him one hot summer night. He had no name.  Dirty, skinny, wounded – a small cat hiding under my car. Yet there was something distinct about his sorrowful eyes and how sad he always looked. I’d speak to him only to have him run away in fear or hissing wildly. As the months went by, we played cat and mouse. I’d leave food and water with no thank you from him. The cat with no name had me trained.

One night after a monsoon storm, my glance outside caught the shadow of him. I stepped out, approached slowly, and there was the familiar growl and swishing tail. “All right,” I said. “I’ll leave you some food…maybe someday you’ll thank me.” Morning brought a half-eaten dish of food, but no cat in sight. I turned to go and saw something creeping slowly toward the house. He stopped at the end of the sidewalk and never took his eyes from mine for what seemed like days. Then without further hesitation and a “Eehauw” he head-butted my arm with his big boofy head. I held my breath as he turned and did it again. He was purring softly as if to say, “OK, I guess you’ll do.”

I examined his wounds. I could close one hand around his tiny waist. His entire body was dirty and he was bleeding from behind his ear. His handsome face was covered with scratches and fresh wounds. His coat was caked with dirt and his tail covered with tar. After a few minutes he turned and walked away without so much as a goodbye.

I called him Cupid because of his big cherub-like head and sweet disposition. Soon visits came daily.  A quick meal and some attention. Then a surprise – he jumped in my lap; I was falling in love. At night he would sleep curled up under the oleander bush. Having cats already, I knew I probably couldn’t keep him – my vet had confirmed he tested positive for feline leukemia. Sad but determined, I promised my friend I’d find him the very best home.

Cupid moved to 4 Paws and quickly became a favorite; an easygoing fellow with lots to say, he was adapting well to shelter life. His destiny came quickly when the shelter manager called – a family was very interested in Cupid. As good as the news was, I couldn’t help but cry. When two very special angels named Lenny and Bob showed up to take Cupid home I knew in an instant that this was his destiny. In true Cupid fashion, he “Eeahauwed” and walked right over to them. He looked at me as if to say, “Thank you, but I want to go now.” And so he did.

I cried all the way home and fretted for days. No need to worry. Lenny wrote that Cupid (now named Murphy) had taken over the household and was doing fine. That’s my boy!

SPCA International is pleased to recognize the exceptional efforts of Sun Cities 4 Paws in Peoria, AZ.  It will undoubtedly continue to change the lives of animals just like Cupid for years to come.

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