Happy Endings Animal Rescue

Santa Ynez, California
Type of Organization
Animal Welfare
Services Provided
Their Work

In December of 2007, C.C. Beaudette-Wellman formed Happy Endings Animal Rescue located in Santa Ynez, CA. The primary purpose of Happy Endings Animal Rescue is to provide refuge to animals that need to be removed from a neglectful or abusive situation or otherwise would be euthanized in a local shelter.

Happy Endings Animal Rescue actively seeks permanent, loving homes for all domestic animals in its care. It also provides proper nutrition, housing and patience to animals that, without their help, would have no hope of a decent life or of any life at all.

Happy Endings Animal Rescue provides all the animals in its care space to run and interact with other animals, as well as help teach them unconditional love and trust of humans – lessons that may have been lost due to a neglectful or abusive situation. Each animal in the care of Happy Endings Animal Rescue receives one-on-one attention and socialization in order to provide them with the essential qualities that will help them find a permanent home.

To ensure that it saves as many animals as possible from being neglected, abused or euthanized, it works closely with county agencies and local veterinarians to ensure the animals’ safety and welfare. Happy Endings Animal Rescue depends solely on generous donations from animal lovers to keep its animals protected, so their story can have a “happy ending.”

The volunteers at Happy Endings Animal Rescue have been rebuilding new animal enclosures with the donations they have received. After rescuing three horses, it cannot accept any more animals until it builds the proper enclosures.  It cannot accomplish this without our help.

SPCA International applauds Happy Endings Animal Rescue and the hard work it has endured to help all the animals that come into its care. SPCA International is pleased to award it a Shelter of the Week grant and hopes that you will find its story inspiring as well.

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