Stray From the Heart

New York, NY
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Animal Welfare
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Anti-Cruelty and Animal Rescue
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Stray from the Heart is a non-profit dog rescue organization whose mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and place homeless dogs with loving new families. They do so without the benefit of paid employees or a shelter to house these needy dogs up for adoption. They have a wonderful network of volunteers, such as dog walkers, trainers and foster parents to help support their efforts to rehabilitate and socialize each dog before a permanent home is found for them. 

They also provide follow-up support to the individuals and families who adopt a dog from them. Stray from the Heart volunteers are always available to provide advice on health and behavioral problems that may arise after an adoption. They are available to help you find the perfect canine companion and to help every dog find a perfect forever home. They also have a "no questions asked" policy in cases where a dog must be returned to the organization as the main concern is the health and safety of their Strays. 

Stray from the Heart is a volunteer-based organization with a staff of dedicated individuals who work tirelessly each day to improve the lives of Strays, and to insure that their future is blessed with a loving and stable home. They are a member of the New York City Mayor's Alliance for Homeless Animals, collaboration between animal welfare organizations and the City of New York aimed at eradicating euthanasia in our shelters by increasing adoptions. 

Financially, they rely on the generosity of corporate and individual supporters to provide support for rescue and rehabilitation programs. 

They have had tremendous success in a short time. Since their inception in August 2000, they have been able to rescue and find loving homes for over 1,500 homeless dogs and have developed working relationships with international outreach programs, and with local veterinarians who offer essential medical care. 

SPCA International is pleased to award Stray from the Heart a grant from their Shelter of the Week Program to help their volunteers with continuing efforts.

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