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Save Our Seabirds

Sarasota, Florida
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Animal Welfare
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Lee Fox has worked in wildlife rehabilitation for over twenty-two years.  And in 1990, founded Save Our Seabirds (formerly known as the Pinellas Seabird Rehabilitation Center).

Just one year after opening their doors, Lee began working with major oil companies, environmental groups, state officials, and the U.S. Coast Guard to develop an Oil Spill Response Plan for the Tampa Bay area consistent with the 1990 Oil Pollution Act requirements. She also: developed the first Oiled Wildlife Preparedness Program and Training Manual for the Tampa Bay area; designed and equipped Florida’s Oiled Wildlife Response Mobile Unit, at the request of the Florida Department Environmental Protection, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, and the Tampa Bay National Estuary Program.  Since then the Oil Spill Response Plan, and Oiled Wildlife Preparedness Program  have been implemented numerous time in response to oil spills in the Gulf area, and most recently in response to the Deepwater Horizon spill.

Responding to Oiled Wildlife is one of the major goals of SOS. Their hard work continues as they attempt to minimize the impact on migrating and local birds of the area, as the spill occurred at the height of migratory and nesting season.

Education and outreach has always been a major focus of SOS.  They have created and implemented numerous educational programs, including the highly successful “Don’t Cut the Line!”, and education program for fishermen initiated in the Tampa Bay watershed area and now in use in other parts of Florida (particularly the Keys) as well as other states such as California. Other SOS education and outreach campaigns include Seabird Savers, Don’t Feed the Birds!, Consequences of Feeding the Birds, How To Care for Baby Birds, a number of marine pollution prevention programs and a variety of broad based education programs geared to young citizens in grades K-12.

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