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St. Francis Animal Shelter

Buffalo, Wyoming
Their Work

St. Francis Animal Shelter, a no-kill shelter in Buffalo, WY, was founded in 1997 to meet the dire need for humane stray population solutions in its community. Before 1997, the City of Buffalo had no animal shelter and the city pound gave lost, stray and unwanted animals only 72 hours to find their owners or a new home. Prior to 1997, over 200 dogs were destroyed each year, along with an untold number of cats and kittens. 

In 1997, a dedicated group of animal advocates took over the Buffalo city pound and began running it as a shelter. The facilities these advocates acquired offered subpar services with very limited indoor/outdoor space and no room for cats. St. Francis Animal Shelter quickly found willing and generous community volunteers who over the years have donated thousands of hours to operating the shelter. Now St. Francis Animal Shelter has a new facility that is serving all the needy animals in its community and giving lost and unwanted animals the critical time they need to find a new home.

Besides sheltering animals, St. Francis Animal Shelter also runs a half-price spay-neuter certificate program and education campaigns to teach the community about the importance of spay and neuter. The funds for these vital programs are frequently depleted by the constant demand and the shelter struggles to keep the certificates available year-round.

SPCA International is proud to honor this dedicated group of animal welfare advocates as Shelter of the Week. We encourage you to learn more about St. Francis Animal Shelter by visiting www.bighornweb.com/stfrancis/.

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