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SPCA Israel

Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv
Type of Organization
Animal Welfare
Services Provided
Anti-Cruelty and Animal Rescue
Education and Advocacy
Their Work

SPCA Israel is committed to taking in every homeless animal, whether healthy or sick, young or old.  Animals are cared for in the shelter facility and given any medical assistance necessary.  No animal is euthanized if it can be treated.  The organization is also committed to educating the public towards greater compassion and tolerance, and to building bridges between humans and animals.  They have been successful in facilitating the adoptions of hundreds and hundreds of animals.

SPCA International is proud to honor this shelter for its tireless efforts for the welfare of Israel’s homeless and abandoned animals.

Additional Info and Website

SPCA Israel Ramat Gan
4 Hafetz Haim St.
Tel Aviv
Israel 67441

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SPCA Israel