Second Chance Animal Shelter

East Brookfield, Massachusetts
Their Work

Second Chance Animal Shelter is a unique organization that has been serving the East Brookfield area in Massachusetts since 1999. Second Chance is fulfilling a vital need in its community by combining many standard shelter services with other, more innovative programs needed as communities change and expand.

In 2008, a Second Chance volunteer came up with an idea to help pet parents who might otherwise surrender their pets due to economic stress. The Second Chance board not only listened to this idea, but mobilized and Pet Food Pantry was born. Pet Food Pantry assists down and out pet parents by providing pet food to local food pantries, so parents can pick up pet food at the same time they pick up their people food essentials. It is impossible to know how many pets have been saved through this program – in this economy SPCA International has seen surrender rates rise in shelters all across the world – but it is easy to assume thousands.

Since its founding, Second Chance has been committed to providing low-cost spay and neuter to the community through its S.P.O.T. (Stop Pet Overpopulation Today!) program. In 2008, it administered a record number of spay and neuters – 2,055 (up from 1,761 in 2007). Second Chance is also providing superior adoption programs and another record-breaking number proves it – the organziation placed 693 homeless pets in 2008, up from 468 the year before.

SPCA International is proud to honor Second Chance Animal Shelter as Shelter of the Week. We commend its hard work and innovative efforts to provide homes and resources for all the needy animals in their community. You can learn more or donate directly to Second Chance Animal Shelter by visiting

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