Beagles of Arizona Rescue Club

Phoenix, Arizona
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Founded in 2005, Beagles of Arizona Rescue Club (BARC) has a simple mission: saving beagles, beagle mixes, and other lucky “honorary beagles” from death row at shelters in Arizona and even sometimes outside the state.  The group, with no physical shelter building and no paid employees, is able to rehome 75 dogs each year by relying on a network of volunteer foster “parents” as well as generous donors.  Many of the dogs helped by BARC require special medical care or training in order to be ready for adoption.  The group does its best to ensure that any dog with the promise to become someone’s special pet gets the chance to do so by receiving the care it needs.

BARC is also active in public education, promoting spay and neuter of all companion animals and offering seminars on dog behavior and other important topics for potential pet owners.

One of BARC’s latest rescues, Sally, was just discovered to be heartworm-positive.  A two-year-old beagle mix, she was saved from the euthanasia list at a shelter in Irving, TX. One of BARC’s wonderful volunteers drove her and two other beagle-mixes to BARC’s foster network in Arizona for a second chance. Although all three dogs seemed happy and healthy initially, Sally’s lab results came back showing she has heartworm. She will require veterinary care and medications that could run to over one thousand dollars.

SPCAI is delighted to help fund the medical needs of dogs such as Sally by honoring the very deserving Beagles of Arizona Rescue Club.

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You can donate to this organization by mailing a check to:

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Phoenix, AZ 85076

…or via PayPal on their website at (click “Donate”)

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