Save Kitty Foundation

New York, New York
Type of Organization
Animal Welfare
Rescue and Education
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Anti-Cruelty and Animal Rescue
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Their Work

“People come by the pet store while we are showing our adoptable cats and kittens.  I often hear them say, “Oh, the poor things”.  I correct them and say, “These are the lucky ones.  The poor things are still out there.  These cats have been saved.  These cats will get a home”.  Maybe not today.  But they will get a home.”

Debi Romano, President

SaveKitty Foundation is no-kill, all-volunteer Queens-based rescue group that helps New York City’s homeless and abandoned animals.  SaveKitty volunteers rescue animals from the streets, basements, alleyways and abandoned buildings in Queens and other NYC neighborhoods as well as from desperate situations where their lives may be in danger.
Because they are not a shelter, the cats that are available for adoption are cared for in the volunteers’ homes once they are vetted and sterilized.

Save Kitty Foundation has a remarkable Trap and Release (TNR) program where they have been able to spay and neuterthousands of feral cats; thereby, significantly reducing the number of stray and feral felines in New York City.

Relying on the generosity of concerned citizens, donations have allowed them to spay and neuter between 500 and 800 cats annually as well as rescue and place hundreds in loving homes. Their tireless efforts also provide food, shelter and care for approximately 250 feral cats on a daily basis.

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SPCA International is proud to support Save Kitty Foundation at this year’s Broadway Barks in New York City. For more information, please visit