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Kyiv Society for the Protection of Animals

Kyiv, Kyiv Oblast
Type of Organization
Animal Welfare
Rescue and Education
Services Provided
Anti-Cruelty and Animal Rescue
Spay and Neuter Clinics
Education and Advocacy
Their Work

Kyiv Society for the Protection of Animals was established in 1960 to encourage humane treatment of animals in the city of Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine. Since its inception, it has been an advocate for animal rights and has been educating people in the region about why and how to treat animals with dignity and respect. In 2000, They established a shelter in Gostomel, near Kyiv that now houses up to 700 dogs and cats. The goal of this shelter is to help stray and abandoned animals find new and loving homes.  In 2006, the shelter established a veterinary hospital and rehabilitation center, which is now the largest in Ukraine. Most animals brought to the shelter are spay or neutered before being adopted into their forever home. The staff and volunteers work tirelessly around the clock to lobby the authorities in Kyiv to use more humane methods of controlling the population of stray animals.  Each victory, no matter how small creates an environment more accepting of these vulnerable animals, and proves that they can be rehabilitated and adopted into loving families. SPCA International applauds the work being done by the KSPA and its staff and volunteers.

Additional Info and Website

You can donate through their website at: http://animalprotect.org/en/thanks/info/1/16

Web Site

Update Summer, 2011:

I’m following up on the grant donated by SPCA to Kyiv Society for the Protection of Animals in February 2011.
The money were spent in March – June 2011 on neutering and vaccination of 47 stray animals in city Kyiv, Ukraine. Many animals required also some cure.

I don’t have all papers at hand yet, just first two months March and April. 10 animals were processed in March and 15 in April. The amounts are ukrainian hryvnas, UAH. 5700 + 3200 = 8900 UAH which slightly exceeds 1000 USD at the rate of March-April 2011.

KSPA, its president Asia Serpinska, me personally, all the dogs, we all thank SPCA and their sponsors very cordially for the support!