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100+ Abandoned dogs of Everglades Florida

Deerfield Beach, Florida
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Animal Welfare
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Anti-Cruelty and Animal Rescue
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It was brought to Amy Restucci’s attention several months ago by Mirta Maltes, a passionate animal advocate who lives in the area, that there were desperate stray dogs in the Everglades, Florida City, and Homestead areas of Florida.

After checking the area, Amy realized the situation was critical. More than 100+ dogs were being dumped in those areas and left there to die from starvation, heat and other severe conditions present in the Everglades, including being hit by cars on the highway nearby.

Many people have asked what has contributed to this situation, and Amy, together with other volunteers, feel it is a combination of many factors.

Migrant workers turn their pets loose when they move on to jobs elsewhere, and people dump their unwanted pets or pets they just can’t afford any longer. While this is so wrong on so many levels, Amy and the other dedicated citizens cannot ignore what is happening, and feel obligated to take action.

Amy’s mission was created as a community effort to END the neglect and abuse of precious animal companions. By raising awareness of this problem, then remedying it, Amy believes and hopes that eventually people will think twice before dumping their family pets to die.

Amy and the other dedicated volunteers spend 24 hours a day working very hard to rescue and vet these dogs, but unfortunately the current monetary donations have not been enough.  In addition to funding, they desperately need homes, foster care and adopters, and medication. Together with the other concerned citizens, Amy has been able to rescue and treat over 50 dogs to date.

Additional Info and Website

To send a donation or purchase an item on their wish list to help save these dogs, please visit:

Abandoned Dogs Everglades
c/o Amy Restucci
837 SE 8th Avenue Suite #201
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

Or donate via Paypal at http://bit.ly/r12P8V
Out of state and would like to send a gift? Check out their wishlist: http://amzn.to/pvYjtL