Friends of the Western Ground Parrot

Albany, Western Australia
Type of Organization
Animal Welfare
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Education and Advocacy
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Founded over 15 years ago, Friends of the Western Ground Parrot is focused on saving the critically endangered Western Ground Parrot or Kyloring from extinction.

The Western Ground Parrot (Pezoporus flaviventris) is a critically endangered species whose habitat is located in Cape Arid National Park and the Stirling Range National Park in Western Australia.  The devastation wrought by the December and January bushfires has potentially decimated the remaining parrot population. While the Western Ground Parrot is the primary focus, the group’s activities also benefit many other species who live in the same habitat such as the Chuditch, Dibbler and Western Bristlebird.

SPCA International honoured to support Friends of the Western Ground Parrot and their efforts to identify which of the remaining 150 Western Ground Parrots have survived the fires and assist their rehabilitation and release.

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