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Fast Friends Greyhound Rescue

Boonsboro, Maryland
Their Work

SPCA International is pleased to recognize the accomplishments of Fast Friends Greyhound Rescue in Boonsboro, Maryland. Operated by a team of dedicated volunteers, its foremost goal is to do what is best for greyhounds. Founded in April 2005, the organization’s initial mission was to help place any greyhound that had lived its life in the racing world, but was no longer worth keeping in it. The organization now focuses its efforts more specifically on greyhounds that are the most challenging to place because of behavior, age or health challenges. Until a permanent family can be found, volunteers foster the dogs in their own homes.

Placing a greyhound with a family is most successful when good screening and education takes place. Fast Friends Greyhound Rescue does both, which results in wonderful forever homes for these magnificent creatures. Utilizing its network, it has successfully transported hundreds of greyhounds around the country to ensure each dog finds the best family for them. The work of Fast Friends involves educating the public about the breed and ensuring that anyone who adopts a greyhound understands and accepts the responsibility it takes to have a greyhound. The Fast Friends Greyhound Rescue Web site is an excellent resource for people considering adopting one of these dogs.

To further promote greyhounds and the special bond that forms with these dogs, Fast Friends Greyhound Rescue sponsors community events that get greyhound families together to enjoy one another and their dogs. Adoptions also take place during these events, as well as volunteer recruitment and education.

Greyhounds are fast at many things, most notably racing. But they can also quickly work their way into your heart and remain a forever friend. Thanks to Fast Friends Greyhound Rescue, there are dogs across the country that now have a best friend and a home to call their own. To learn more please visit www.greytdogs.org.

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