Fairfield Area Humane Society

Lancaster, Ohio
Their Work

Fairfield Area Humane Society, located in Lancaster, Ohio, was formed by a community that was interested in protecting the rights of animals. In 1980, this small organization became an official nonprofit and since then it has made remarkable strides to improve the well-being of animals within its community and beyond.

This mostly volunteer-run organization works tirelessly to find homes for all animals that come into its care by interviewing all individuals who are interested in adopting an animal to make sure it is a good fit for both the animal and potential owner. Its goal is to find the perfect forever home for every animal.

No animal is turned away from Fairfield Area Humane Society. When it received 50 cats and the shelter was full, a group of dedicated volunteers cleared a shed to make room for the cats and to ensure they would have protection from the weather.

Along with its dedication to finding forever homes for the animals in its care, Fairfield Area Humane Society investigates all potential animal cruelty and neglect cases in Fairfield County. It also is involved in some unusual requests that include livestock, iguanas, emus, wildlife, and exotic animals such as alligators.

Due to Fairfield Area Humane Society’s steadfast dedication to helping animals in its community and beyond, SPCA International is happy to honor it as Shelter of the Week. If you would like to find out more information about Fairfield Area Humane Society, please visit www.fairhumane.org.

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