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Oswego SPCA

Oswego, New York
Their Work

SPCA International has awarded a $1,000 Emergency Grant to Oswego SPCA located in Oswego, New York. On August 31, the organization’s volunteers were called to a home in nearby Palermo to remove almost 100 animals. The request came from the New York State Police who were investigating the homicide of an 11 year old girl named Erin Maxwell who resided at the home with her parents.

In order to proceed with their investigation 80 cats that lived inside the home, which reeked of feces and urine, had to be removed. In lieu of pressing animal cruelty charges, the family agreed to release all the animals to the Oswego SPCA. Oswego SPCA was overwhelmed by the influx of this many cats and turned to the community in desperation to find safe foster homes while they assessed their needs.

The cats are all in foster homes, now but some of the arrangements are only temporary. Now, Oswego SPCA is looking for more foster and/or permanent homes for the cats.

Call to Action: SPCA International asks anyone who lives in Northwestern New York or can drive there to consider helping the Oswego SPCA by offering to foster or adopt a cat.

The cats have been seen by veterinarians and overall they are in pretty good shape. Surprisingly enough, the majority of the cats are well socialized and would make a great companion for a person or family. These cats deserve a much better life than they have had so far.

Oswego SPCA had no way to anticipate that they would find themselves in a situation where they would suddenly have to care for so many animals. The organization stepped up immediately when they learned of the tragedy and they have been working diligently ever since to make sure the cats are well cared for. This has created an unexpected financial burden on the organization though, which is why SPCA International is compelled to help. SPCA International thanks and commends Oswego SPCA for being on the frontlines and taking action to remove these cats from deplorable living conditions and finding them forever homes.

SPCA International wants to be able to continue to help organizations like Oswego SPCA and it is the donations we receive from supporters like you that make it possible for us to assist when local shelters get overwhelmed and reach out for help.Donate to our Shelter of the Week Emergency Grant program today to help the next cruelty case victims.

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