Baghdad Cat Rescue

Baghdad, Baghdad Province
Their Work

Baghdad Cat Rescue was started by a British woman, Louise, when she found a fun-loving kitten while a contract employee in Tikrit, Iraq in 2005. Refusing to leave her four-legged friend behind, Louise was determined to get Simba back to the UK. Little did she know how many challenges she would encounter.

Simba’s trip to the UK was nothing short of an amazing adventure that included thrills and suspense. His journey included a 12-hour road trip from Tikrit to Umm Qasr, Iraq; a smuggle over the Iraqi/Kuwaiti border; a several week stay in Kuwait, while his paperwork was being processed; and a six-month quarantine once in the UK. These challenges made Louise realize there had to be a better way when she befriended four new animals in 2007 while working in Baghdad again.

Simba’s adventure paved the way for Louise to get Felix, Pudding, George and Mr. Googles to the UK, without the same struggles and stress Simba went through. But her adventure in rescuing animals out of Iraq didn’t stop there. Louise now helps other contractors and British troops arrange transport of their new four-legged friends from Iraq to the UK.

Baghdad Cat Rescue is now assisting with dogs as well and has helped Operation Baghdad Pups on several occasions by providing a safe-house for animals in danger. Without Louise’s help, SPCA International would have lost several animals, including a cat and her five kittens, which belonged to a U.S. soldier.

Over the years Louise has spent close to $60,000 of her own money to help the wonderful animals that call the warzone home. SPCA International is proud to honor Baghdad Cat Rescue as Shelter of the Week and knows the grant money that comes with this award will help Louise save even more animals.

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