Deer Lake Kitty Rescue

Deer Lake, Newfoundland
Type of Organization
Animal Welfare
Services Provided
Anti-Cruelty and Animal Rescue
Their Work

Deer Lake Kitty Rescue is a volunteer based, non-profit, community group dedicated to the care of feral, stray and abandoned cats and kittens in the Deer Lake area.

Since 2015 Deer Lake Kitty Rescue has helped 280 cats and kittens. Deer Lake Kitty Rescue rescues stray and abandoned cats and kittens and provide care in foster homes until they are adopted to forever homes. They are improving the lives of feral cats through advocacy, the provision of shelters, caretakers, Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and humane education.

SPCA International is proud to support Deer Lake Kitty Rescue as they provide a brighter future for the cats and kittens of Deer Lake.

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