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CenTex Humane Society

Killeen, Texas
Their Work

The CenTex Humane Society operates the Second Chance Animal Shelter, located in Killeen, Texas. This no-kill shelter is home to over 200 animals. In recent months the shelter has seen an increase in animals being surrendered due to economic stress and home foreclosures. It has also been alarming to see an increase in domestic violence cases which often result in a household animal being hurt or abandoned.

Located close to Ft. Hood, the CenTex Humane Society sees a lot of animals surrendered by soldiers being deployed or relocated. The CenTex Humane Society tries to place as many of these animals as possible, but there are not always enough permanent homes to go around.

CenTex is working hard every day to improve the lives of animals in the community they serve. They run weekly off-site adoption booths at local stores to give the animal lovers in their community extra opportunities to fall in love with some of their needy residents.

In 2008, the organization was able to adopt just over 1,600 animals, a number they hope to surpass in 2009. SPCA International is looking forward to the organization achieving this goal, in part due to the help of our Shelter of the Week program.

The CenTex Humane Society posts this special quote from German philosopher Immanual Kant to inspire their visitors, volunteers and staff – “We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” SPCA International hopes it will encourage you as well and spur you to get involved and support shelters in their never-ending quest to save the all animals of the world.

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