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Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary

Saint Pauls, North Carolina
Their Work

Adult cats are often over looked in shelters, the cute playful kittens are usually chosen first, leaving the adult cats to an almost certain death. Throw in a cat that requires additional treatment and care and that cat has almost no chance of ever being adopted. Most shelters will euthanize a cat if it is deemed unadoptable based on health, temperament and space restraints. In 2005, Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary in Saint Pauls, North Carolina opened their doors to blind cats from all over the country, giving them a deserving second chance at life.

The entirely volunteer based organization cares for, fosters and rehabilitates cats that have been certified, by a veterinarian, as being blind. Most cats that come to Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary have less than 20% sight, but are treated just like any cat with 100% vision.

With the exception of not having a desire to escape through an open door or the curiosity of knowing what is on the other side of the wall, a blind cat does everything a typical non-visually impaired cat does. They groom themselves, play with toys, climb trees, jump on furniture, find their food and water dishes and use the litter box. Blind cats usually will take longer to complete their routines and perform them in unconventional ways but they will generally find ways to accomplish most tasks on their own.

Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary has found that consistency will make the life of a blind cat much easier. Making sure that the litter box and food and water dishes remain in the same place is very important. Other than that, a blind cat can usually manage navigating the rest of a house on its own. Blind cats will point their whiskers out so their whiskers will brush against an object first before they bump into it. Like humans, blind cats learn to use their other senses to maneuver, such as touch, hearing and smell. A house with different surfaces makes it easy for a blind cat to know where they are.

Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary urges all cat owners to have their cat looked at by a veterinarian annually or if they show any sign of illness. A cat can become blind from illness, especially eye infections from upper respiratory infections, hyperthyroid, diabetes and high blood pressure. If your cat is sneezing, coughing and their eyes have a discharge, take them to the vet immediately.

Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary was selected as SPCA International’s Shelter of the Week because of all the wonderful work they put into saving blind cats. SPCA International also awarded them a financial grant to help them continue their vital work.

Blind cats may not be able to see, but they are not blind to love. They are wonderful companions as long as you have the time that is needed to give them the care they deserve. SPCA International encourages you to learn more about Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary and how to sponsor, foster or adopt one of their awaiting cats. Please visit their website atwww.blindcatrescue.com.

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