Asociatia TNR Capturare Sterilzare Eliberare 

Prahova, Comarnic, Romania
Type of Organization
Animal Welfare
Services Provided
Their Work

Asociatia TNR Capturare Sterilzare Eliberare is a non-profit organization operating in Bucharest and the surrounding areas. Their main goal is to capture stray cats, sterilize them and release them in the territory where they were captured. Every year, they help approximately 1,500 animals. When the cats are sterilized, they also receive deworming and flea prevention treatment to ensure these cats can lead healthy and comfortable lives. When appropriate, Asociatia TNR Capturare Sterilzare Eliberare also helps find homes for kittens, injured cats, and gentle cats that would thrive as pets. As the only non-profit organization focused primarily on trap-neuter-release in the area, their work is essential to the well-being of the many wild cats in the region.

SPCA International applauds Asociatia TNR Capturare Sterilzare Eliberare and their commitment to the stray cat population in Bucharest. We are thrilled to support their TNR program and enable them to expand their adoption program.