Animal Based Workshops

We are a proud partner of soul dog rescue in Fort Lupton. Soul Dog started with a mission of helping the deserving dogs and cats on Tribal Lands in the Four Corners region. Soul Dog takes a proactive approach to eliminate unwanted litters of puppies and kittens being born at staggering numbers. Spay/neuter is the only answer to ever getting ahead.

Their mission is to perform collaborative, targeted work, primarily through spay/neuter, in underserved regions to create sustainable change and promote cultural shifts regarding the treatment of companion animals. The Soul Dog shelter has received 167 stray or unwanted pets since June 1, 2021 (1461 since January 1). That is an average of 7 dogs and cats entering our shelter every day of this month, and there is no end in sight. As you can imagine, this overwhelming number of precious animals needing help puts a significant strain on the budget.

Soul Dog never wants to turn any pet away, but to do that, they need help. SPCA International’s PAWsitive Recovery program works with people in treatment and the court system due to alcohol and drug charges an opportunity to work with animals at the shelter. This can be an excellent way to perform community service and give back to the animals. The shelter needs help cleaning kennels, feeding and socializing animals

*A background check may be required.

Animal Focused Workshops

Downward Dog Yoga Sessions

Zen Dog Meditation

Mindful Dog Movement

SPCA International’s PAWsitive Recovery program offers several workshops for people in treatment or sober living an opportunity to get out, exercise, practice mindfulness and art, and socialize with abused and neglected animals. We Partner with Soul Dog Rescue and shelter. We bring the animals to any facility that would benefit from animal interactions.