Thank you for your interest in SPCA International’s Apollo’s Aid Permanent Change of Station support (formerly Operation Military Pets) program. Since its launch in March 2013, SPCA International has been overwhelmed with applications. We are proud to have been able to assist over 1,000 military families and their dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and horses who were moving due to Permanent Change of Station orders. THE APPLICATION WILL BE OPEN FROM THE 1ST UNTIL THE 7TH OF EACH MONTH. Please submit your application at your earliest convenience. We are making every effort to address all applications as quickly and efficiently as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

Before applying, please carefully review the following:

1. This program is designed to help only active members of the military that have exhausted all options for paying to relocate their pets. If the program is abused, then it could mean military families that genuinely need help will not receive a grant.

2. Please apply within 3 months of your animal’s travel date, but no earlier. You cannot apply if your animal has already been transported.

3. Applicants may only apply for international travel including HI, Puerto Rico and Guam.

4. You must obtain a quote from the airline for the cost of flying your animals before submitting this application. Grants are given to assist in transportation costs only. Transportation costs must be a minimum of $750 per animal in order to qualify for a grant.  All subsequent costs, including, but not limited to quarantine and boarding, customs fees, veterinary care, vaccinations and airline-approved crates, will be your responsibility.

5. You must describe in detail why assistance is needed. 

6. You are required to submit 6 photos of your family and pets at the end of this application. At least one must include your service member in uniform.

7. Grant amounts are determined based on need and funds available, grants do not cover entire transportation costs. 

8. Due to budgetary restrictions grants are distributed on a first come first serve basis. Once the monthly budget is met all applicants who did not receive a grant in a given month must resubmit their application in the following month in order to be reconsidered. There is currently a 3-4 month waiting period for grant distribution.

9. Families are only eligible for Permanent Change of Station financial aid once every 3 years.

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Military Personnel Applicant

If United States, please use full State name, no abbreviations.
If mailing address is at the Base, please use United States of America
If United States, please use full State name, no abbreviations.
If mailing address is at the Base, use United States of America
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