Iron :: 1 year old :: Male :: Mixed Breed :: Large Size :: *Special Needs*

Iron is a medium sized male dog from the streets of Syria. At just under 1 year old he has experienced a lot. Iron has a back injury, making it difficult for him to walk and express his bladder. He will need an experience home that is ready to handle a special needs dog. Iron is very kindhearted and is great with dogs of all ages and sizes. He doesn’t let his disability slow him down and loves to play and run around. If you are interested in giving Iron the loving home he deserves please contact the Syrian Association for Rescuing Animals. Financial assistance is available to help Iron get into a good home.

Pamela :: 2-3 year old :: Female :: Mixed Breed :: Large Size :: *Special Needs*

Pamela is a 2-3-year-old spayed female, medium sized dog from Syria. This sweet girl has been shot at and injured in a bombing. Her injuries have healed but she still has some pain from her injuries but has so much love to give. Because of her previous life on the streets of Syria Pamela would do best as the only animal in her future home. Her caretakers say that she is a quiet and loving dog that is looking for a family. If you are interested in opening your home and heart to Pamela please contact the Syrian Association for Rescuing Animals. Financial assistance is available to help Pamela get into a good home.

Khater :: 4 years old :: Male :: Mixed Breed :: Large Size
Khater is a 4-year-old, large male dog. Khater has suffered unspeakable abuse while living on the streets in Syria. When he was found he had severe inflaming around his eyes and a broken paw. Khater has recovered from his injuries and his caretakers say that he is an incredibly strong and healthy dog. Khater is very friendly and has the energy of a puppy. Khater can be protective of his family and would likely do best in as the only animal in his future home. If you are interested in opening your home and heart to this gentle giant please contact the Syrian Association for Rescuing Animals. Financial assistance is available to help Khater get into a good home.

Rivka ::  1 year old :: Female:: Husky :: Large Size
Rivka is a beautiful female husky, around a year old. She was brought to the Animal AWARE shelter in Guatemala after being found on the highway with a fractured back leg. Her leg is now all healed and after her rough start she is looking for a loving family to share her forever home with. She gets on fine with other dogs and people. Happy and playful with that renowned husky energy she needs an active life and space to run. If you think Rivka would be great addition to your family please contact Animal AWARE to learn more.


Solaya:: 4-5 years old::Female::Saint Bernard Mix :: Large Size
Solaya is a beautiful St Bernard cross. She is between 4 and 5 years old, while she is a large breed dog her heart is the biggest thing about her, she is a lovely, and all she wants is to be part of your family. She has a happy disposition and is good with people and other dogs. Solaya has lots of energy, her ideal home will have a fenced in yard. She has a history of cancer which has been successfully treated through chemotherapy. This beautiful girl has so much love to give! If you would like to give Solaya the life she deserves please contact Animal AWARE in Guatemala.


Solace:: 4 years old :: Male :: Galgo

 Solace is about 4 years old, and between 50 and 60 pounds. He is what is known as a “fuzzy” galgo, meaning he has some wiry, longer hair rather than the plain short coat of an American greyhound. Solace is playful and bouncy outside in the yard and is generally quiet and relaxed indoors; he loves to be petted and talked to though and gets excited when his humans enter the room. He was cat tested in Spain and tested fine but he has not been tested since arriving in the U.S. He has also tested fine with male and female dogs. If you want a happy, bouncy hound who is full of joy and love please contact Hound Sanctuary for more information. Only available for adoption on the west coast.

Ripple:: 2 years old :: Male :: Podenco Canario

Ripple is a Podenco Canario about 2 years old. He is super sweet and friendly with people he is comfortable, a really great guy. He loves cuddles and affection more than anything except food! He has met both resident cats at Hound Sanctuary and there has been no problem so far. 4th of July fireworks really scared this guy so he had some readjusting to do regarding noise fear. He also displays concern when seeing cars during his walks so a very busy city might not be the happiest place on earth for him right now. If you are would like to open your home to this sweet guy please contact Hound SanctuaryOnly available for adoption on the west coast.

Zinnia:: 2 years old :: Female :: Wire-haired pondenca

Zinnia is a wire-haired podenca, 2 years old apx. Housetrained, calm inside, playful outside, good with other dogs. She is fearful of strangers but is very sweet once she knows/trusts you, asking for attention by pawing for cuddles and eventually climbing up in your lap. Outdoors she is boisterous, enjoying a good run around the yard, sometimes followed by a little sun bath. A smaller podenca, Zinnia is about 30-35 pounds and very beautiful. She is very treat motivated and knows “sit” quite well!  We think that Zinnia would be a good fit for someone seeking a cuddle buddy indoors or a play buddy outdoors, please contact Hound Sanctuary for more information. Only available for adoption on the west coast. 

Supra:: Male :: Podenco Ibiceno :: Large

Supra is a larger Podenco Ibicenco, and special sweetheart. He came from Spain in 2016 when his rescuer there died in a car accident  He had been abused as a hunter’s dog, he was very traumatized, and had two broken legs during his time on the streets of Spain. Yet Supra is a very sweet, gentle boy who is somewhat of a velcro dog to whomever he bonds with, wanting to walk and stand around with that person, looking into their eyes (ok and getting cookies), but until he trusts a person, he backs away from touching and getting too close. His future family will need to be willing and ready to work on building a foundation of trust with Supra. He is not aggressive; he simply backs up or runs off if an untrusted person tries to come near him.  He is great with all the other sanctuary dogs and is good on lead as well. For more information on Supra please contact Hound SanctuaryOnly available for adoption on the west coast.

Willow:: 4 years old :: Female :: Pondenca

Willow is a sweet 4-year-old Podenca, about 45 pounds, fostered in Michigan. She seeks a calm forever home with a mature, stable adult or couple. She would also by okay sharing that home with one other calm dog, but please no cats! No stairs would be great too if possible, currently, she has a hard time climbing due to neck pain.  Willow can be adopted within 6 to 8 hours driving distance of South Portland, Maine or Milan, Michigan to the right home.  Her absolute dream home would be one where her adopter is home a lot. She had a difficult start to her life and is seeking a really easy rest of her life. For more information please contact Hound SanctuaryOnly available for adoption on the west coast.

Louie:: 2 months old:: Male:: Mixed Breed

Louie is a 2-month-old kitten, located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He was very sick when he was rescued, but he spent time in an incubator at the vet's office and today Louie is healthy with a lot of energy and love to give. Louie tested negative for FIV / FeLV and will be neutered and vaccinated before adoption. If you are interested in adding this handsome guy to your family (Transportation help available) please contact Cristina at Oito Vidas.

Weasel:: 3-4 month-old:: Male:: Mixed breed

Weasel in Rio de Janeiro Brazil (Transportation help available.) Approximately 3-4-month-old kitten. He is neutered, vaccinated and is negative for FIV/Felv. If interested please contact Cristina at Oito Vidas

Huey:: 3-4 month old:: Male:: Mixed Breed

Huey is a kitten in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Transportation help available) looking for a forever home. I tested negative for FIV / Felv. Huey is neutered and vaccinated.  If interested, please contact Cristina at OitoVidas

Raya:: 2 years old:: Female :: Mixed breed
Raya is an outgoing and adventurous girl who loves to get attention and snuggle herself into your neck or chest. She was rescued from Guantanamo Bay as an orphaned baby kitten playing with people's feet in front of the Chapel on base and brought to the Washington, D.C. area to find a home. She'll lay on you purring and getting pets for hours if you'll let her. She enjoys climbing her cat tree but prefers being the only special pet in your life! Raya is very devoted to her humans and likes to be near the action and greet new people. She's spayed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, and tested negative for FIV/FeLV. If you are interested in opening your home and heart to this sweet girl please contact Erika at Operation Git-Meow for more information.


Desi and Lucy:: 2 years old:: Male and Female:: Lynx Point Siamese Mixes

Desi and Lucy are a bonded pair of loving lap cats who always make happy trilling noises when they see you. They also greet you with lots of purring, head butts, and kisses and even stand on their hind legs to get more pets! Desi and Lucy are great with other cats and dogs too, they want to make friends with everyone. They were rescued from Guantanamo Bay where they’d been living by a restaurant dumpster surviving off of kitchen scraps, they were rescued and brought to Washington, D.C. They sleep curled up with one another and are always grooming and cuddling, for that reason they must be adopted together. They’re both spayed and neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and tested negative for FIV/FeLV. If you’re interested in adopting Desi and Lucy please contact Erika at Operation Git-Meow for more information.

Aria:: Female:: Spayed:: 4 years-old:: Galga Espanol

Aria is a stunning, 4-year-old, wire-coated Galga Espanol. She is hesitant with people she does not know, however, once you've earned her trust she is incredibly affectionate. Aria is housetrained and is not a chewer, not destructive. She is good on leash generally but is a bit nervous about cars. She knows “come” but as with most sighthounds, that is not reliable enough for off leash when there is prey in sight.  She can jump quite high and she is very fast.  A minimum six-foot high fence with no climbable parts or items nearby is crucial for her. Aria may be placed within 6 hours driving distance, maximum, of Gearhart, Oregon, for the right home. For more information please contact Hound SanctuaryOnly available for adoption on the west coast.

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