SPCA International Announces Massive Spay & Neuter Campaign with ‘Spay Panama’

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SPCA International Announces Massive Spay & Neuter Campaign with ‘Spay Panama’ 
4 Day Effort Aims to Spay 1,000 Animals

New York City, September 27, 2011 – The SPCA International is setting a lofty goal with Spay Panama on World Animal Day- September 30th- to spay and neuter 1,000 dogs and cats in La Chorrera, Panama.  The 4-day campaign is aimed at stopping the unnecessary deaths of both pets and unwanted animals in Panama.  

“We are determined and excited to work with Spay Panama in hopes of achieving such an ambitious goal of altering up to one thousand animals,” said Stephanie Scott of SPCA International.  “Panama has a serious problem with thousands of stray cats and dogs who without spay and neuter will add to the vicious overpopulation cycle that results in many animals experiencing brutal, short life and early death.  With the help of our supporters we are going to make a real difference in Panama.”

The plight of female dogs and cats in Panama is a life of trying to survive bearing litter after litter.  Often malnourished, these female animals lose most of their puppies and kittens due to the dangers of the streets such as little or no food, and passing cars and trucks.  According to animal experts with Spay Panama, male dogs that are not neutered often run wild in the streets trying to mate and too often get hit by cars.  Un-altered male and female cats also become regular victims of violence due to their loud and bothersome “cat calls” during heat that can last for days at a time.  

All of these issues stem from a lack of spay and neuter.  The cycle is only perpetuated because the overpopulation of animals causes citizens to harbor ill-will against the helpless dogs and cats, leading to more animal abuse, more senseless death, and little interest in the one true and lasting solution – spay and neuter.

To help support this 4-day effort in Panama, go to www.spcai.org.