West Bank Update

An Important Message from our West Bank Partner, Daily Hugz Animal Sanctuary:

Our team is in the final stages of planning the crucial evacuation of the 65 dogs at the Daily Hugz sanctuary in the West Bank. We’re partnering with local rescues across the U.S. to help these lucky dogs find forever homes filled with love. Want to meet some special dogs taking the ride of a lifetime? Dive in and get to know some of the stars of this life-saving flight! 

Nilin: Nilin was rescued after being chased by kids pouring oil on him. He was just a puppy when Daily Hugz took him in. Despite his tough start, he is extremely friendly and loves kids and playing with other dogs.

Sally: Sadly, Sally’s puppies were killed by a group of kids who also tried to hurt her. Despite this,  Sally is very friendly and loves people. At times, she can be reactive around other dogs. Sally has one eye clouded over, but that doesn’t stop this special girl from living her best life.

Farouk & Faysal: Adorable siblings rescued from the street 4 years ago. They are friendly (although Faysal is a little shy) and great with other dogs.

Mayla: Mayla’s history is unknown, but one thing is sure: she is the sweetest tripod you will ever meet.

Kareem: Kareem was found as an abandoned puppy near the Daily Hugz sanctuary. He’s shy at first, but he is very loving and affectionate once he’s comfortable. He will do anything for a belly rub. 

Sukar: Sukar is named after the Arabic word for “sugar” because he’s such a sweet pup. He’s very friendly but also enjoys spending time on his own.

Suhita: Suhita was found as a puppy begging for food at a restaurant. She’s shy but friendly.

Badu: Badu found himself without a home after his owners moved back to Europe. Badu enjoys being around people but can be reactive around other dogs.

Tala & Sunbul: Siblings born at the Daily Hugz sanctuary on New Year’s Day in 2019. Tala is very shy, while Sunbul is friendly and enjoys being around people and other dogs.

Lucky: Lucky was rescued from children throwing rocks at him. Despite the time he spent trying to survive on the street, Lucky is friendly and very calm.

Ava: Ava was surrendered to Daily Hugz by a man whose wife didn’t like dogs. She is quiet, gentle, and enjoys being around people.

Nabila: Nabila has been at Daily Hugz since she was a tiny puppy. Thanks to the team there, she was able to get a benign tumor removed from her back and is now a healthy, happy dog who loves people and other dogs.

Lukas: Lukas is a happy-go-lucky tripod who loves everyone he meets. Having one leg amputated has not slowed him down at all.

Zoe: Zoe is sweet and has adorable markings. She enjoys spending time on her own. 

Meezan: Meezan is a special tripod with the uncanny ability to maintain perfect balance and run around on three legs. He is friendly with people and dogs.

Susu: Susu is shy and takes a while to warm up to people. He also likes to hang out with the donkeys more than with other dogs. 

Malika, Asim, Adil, Hazim & Spot: This precious litter was rescued as orphans after their mom died from parvovirus. Fortunately, the pups were able to receive treatment in time and survive the deadly disease. Since then, they’ve found comfort at Daily Hugz. Malika is shy but friendly. Asim is friendly and demands belly rubs from everyone he meets. Adil is shy and takes a bit to warm up to people. Hazim has never met a person or dog he doesn’t like.

Jenan: Jenan is a feisty and lovable tripod. She loves people but can get defensive around other dogs.

Stay tuned for adoption information. A list of the local partners participating in this mission will be made available soon.

Please help us ensure these precious pups get to safety and into loving forever homes. Donate today to support their evacuation from the West Bank to the United States.

Update Alert! The situation in the West Bank has intensified, and another shelter urgently reached out for assistance. The number of dogs in our mission has risen from 65 to 70. Your support is crucial now more than ever to ensure the safety of these precious animals.