Welcoming Ukrainian Refugees in Romania

Thank you to everyone who has donated to support Ukrainian refugee pets and their families. As the situation continues to unfold, we can’t do everything, but we can do something. Your donations have been rushed to partner organizations so they can greet refugees at the border.

After challenging journeys, pet parents are relieved to find a friendly face when they clear customs with their pets. Many have overcome difficult odds to bring their pets with them and they arrive with little else. They are offered veterinary care crates, kibble, leashes and other supplies provided by YOUR donations. With these supplies, they continue their journeys a little easier.

Our partners tell us they never know what the day will bring, but they are at the border every day, waiting to greet those who need supplies or advice. Here at SPCA International, we are proud to be doing our part to support The Street Dog Coalition, Sava’s Safe Haven, Gostomel Animal Shelter and Romanian League in Defense of Animals as they help the animals and people of Ukraine.

Despite all that is being accomplished at the border and in Romania for the animals and people of Ukraine, animal welfare groups within Ukraine are dealing with terrible circumstances. Many animals have been wounded or are sick, so we are working with Hello Ralphie to ensure remote veterinary consults are available to shelters, rescue groups and individual pet parents in need of expert advice. 

No matter what, SPCA International is committed to supporting the health and safety of animals in Ukraine. We have been working in the region for many years with established partners and we look forward to a day when we can focus on recovery efforts in the animal welfare sector.