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Welcome Home, Liberty!

Liberty was once a scared and frail puppy sleeping in the dirt and scrounging for food. But thanks to Sergeant Eric, Liberty is now home in upstate New York, enjoying life with the Sergeant and his family. Liberty even has a new fur sibling she can play with all day. 

Sergeant Eric found Liberty sleeping underneath a truck on the base. She was hungry and fearful. Slowly, he started to earn her trust, and Liberty began coming out of her shell. She was friendly, playful, and an absolute joy to be around. 

“To find such a sweet dog in such a crazy place is unreal. It’s incredible how good Liberty is, how loving. She did so much for us. She was almost like our support dog. Returning to base and seeing her there really helped us.”, says Sergeant Eric. 

The idea of leaving Liberty behind once his deployment ended crushed the Sergeant. He knew she would likely not survive on her own. The Sergeant had promised Liberty a good life, and he intended to keep his promise. That’s when he contacted us for help, and we rushed into action. 

It took a few months, but we were finally able to bring Liberty to the U.S. through our Patriot Pets program. After a very long flight home, this sweet girl reunited with Sergeant Eric, who could not be happier to provide her with a good home and lots of love. 

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