Victory: Tanzania Donkey Slaughterhouses Closing

By Lori Kalef, Program Manager

For over six years, SPCAI has had a strong and innovative partner in the Tanzania Animal Welfare Society (TAWESO). Our most recent collaborative efforts have focused on the welfare of working donkeys across Tanzania and education initiatives to improve their treatment. Recently, we learned about a growing inhumane industry in Tanzania: the donkey skin and meat trade.

Tanzanian donkeys are being slaughtered at an alarming rate due to soaring demand for their meat and skin in China. In China, they manufacture a gelatin from donkey hide fabled to have anti-ageing and libido-enhancing properties.

Our partners at TAWESO quickly began fighting this horrible commerce by lobbying and educating local government officials. During meetings with government councils, mayors, and chairpersons in districts where donkey slaughterhouses are opening, TAWESO presents evidence of the cruel habits of this burgeoning industry.

Through TAWESO’s non-stop advocacy for donkeys, two large commercial slaughterhouses will close next month! WOW!

SPCAI’s financial support and veterinary supply aid donations are critical to ensuring TAWESO has the resources to continue their work. After this incredible victory, TAWESO will carry on treating the sick, wounded and overworked donkeys of Tanzania and educating their owners. We are so proud to call TAWESO a partner.