Updates from Bushfire Response Down Under

So much has happened in the last few months, it is easy for the Australia bushfires to fade from our minds, but the animal rescuers in Australia continue their important work.

Thanks to many generous SPCA International supporters, we were able to respond quickly to help animal rescue organizations affected by the bushfires.

We are excited to share the progress of just a few of the grant recipients:

Wildlife Care WA Inc.

This organization is maintaining food and water stations for animals returning to scorched forests. These stations are critically important for animals because most food sources have been destroyed. They are also important because they help measure how many animals are returning to the area. Wildlife Care WA Inc. is using motion sensing wildlife cameras to monitor the animals and are thrilled to report many birds and some larger animals returning to the area. There is even a group of adolescent kangaroos that have banded together for safety and frequently visit the food and water stations. The next important item on the list at Wildlife Care WA Inc. is a trailer that will carry a water tank and other supplies for restocking the food and water stations.

Friends of the Western Ground Parrot

This unique organization is dedicated to saving the critically endangered Western Ground Parrot. Just a few years ago there were fewer than 150 of these birds in their last known habitat on the remote South Coast of Western Australia. This area has now been decimated by bushfires and the group is working to find out how many of these nearly extinct species are still alive. With the generosity of SPCA International supporters, we were able to provide funds to purchase solar powered acoustic recording units to capture the whistling teakettle-like songs of the ground parrots and estimate how many have survived.

Bluebush Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation

This organization rescues and rehabilitates young kangaroos that can’t live on their own in the wild. During and after the bushfires they rescued many joeys that were much too young to be on their own. Many of the joeys had hopped through ashes and burned their feet and tails. The grant provided by SPCA International helped with veterinary care, water access and fencing. These joeys will live on a huge reserve in a natural environment until their habitat has recovered and they are ready to be released into the wild.

None of this work would be possible without the support of so many kind and caring people who gave what they could during Australia’s moment of need. Over the coming months, we’ll be sharing even more updates from down under so you can see all the exciting bushfire recovery activities we are supporting in Australia.