Unleashing Hope

Last year, Sarah found herself at a crossroads. Battling addiction, she made the brave decision to seek treatment but faced the heart-wrenching reality of leaving her cherished dogs behind. Sarah knew she had to work on her sobriety to give her dogs the best life possible; she had no other choice but to leave them with her ex-husband, who was struggling with addiction. He eventually found himself living on an abandoned farm with Gauge and Serenity. The precious huskies found themselves surrounded by drug use and danger. Sarah knew Gauge and Serenity would not be safe there for very long. That’s when she reached out to us for help.

Through our PAWsitive Recovery program, SPCA International took custody of Gauge and Serenity, placing them in the capable hands of a partner board-and-train facility. This marked the beginning of a transformative journey for both Sarah and her huskies.

Knowing her beloved pets were finally safe, Sarah was able to fully commit to her recovery and rebuilding her life in sobriety. And we’re thrilled to share that she recently achieved an incredible milestone—200 days of sobriety! Sarah now works at the boarding facility, which allows her to spend quality time with Gauge and Serenity while expanding her knowledge of dog behavior.

Once a timid and withdrawn soul, Gauge has blossomed in the nurturing environment of the board-and-train facility. Rebuilding his confidence and refining his socialization skills, he now trusts others, both people and dogs. Fully recovered from his previous injury, Gauge has rediscovered his playful nature.

Serenity, Gauge’s spirited sister, is thriving in her training sessions. Mastering manners and redirecting her boundless energy into positive outlets, she is evolving into a well-behaved and independent canine companion. 

The positive changes in the lives of Sarah, Gauge, and Serenity are a testament to the unwavering support of generous donors. Their compassion and kindness allowed SPCA International to rescue these dogs and facilitate a transformative journey for all involved. In the spirit of gratitude, we extend our heartfelt thanks to the supporters who played a pivotal role in changing three lives and proving that hope and resilience can triumph against adversity.