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Unbreakable Bonds: Patriot Pets Reunited

Imagine encountering an animal in dire need, rescuing it, and then facing the heart-wrenching possibility of leaving it behind, never to see it again. This is precisely what happened to six compassionate members of the U.S. military during their deployment in the Middle East. While on their patrols, they came across animals in desperate situations, some teetering on the brink of death. Despite regulations prohibiting it, they rushed to assist these animals, providing them with the care they desperately needed. They took these animals under their wing, offering them a fighting chance at survival. However, due to military regulations that prohibited companion animals from traveling on military aircrafts, these soldiers were confronted with the harsh reality that they had no means of bringing the animals they had grown so attached to back to the United States.

We couldn’t stand by and let these heroes and their cherished animal companions be separated from each other. So, we embarked on a mission to reunite them. Thanks to your generous support, we raised the necessary funds for this mission, and just last week, we successfully brought these wonderful animals home.

We invite you to extend a warm welcome to Rye, Bongo, Whiskey, Bella, Scrappy, and Hesco as they arrive in the United States. We are confident that they will enjoy long and joyful lives alongside the heroes who stepped up when they needed it most.

Rye, Bongo, and Whiskey

These three siblings were found stuffed in a bag and abandoned on the side of a bridge. Kind members of the U.S. Army rushed to their aid. Without them, these tiny puppies, just a few weeks old at the time, would not have survived. Today, the pups and their heroes are together again. 


Army Specialist Elijah rescued Bella when she was just five months old. She was all alone, with no food, water, or shelter to protect her from the elements. Their connection was instantaneous, and their bond grew stronger with each passing day. Their remarkable tale touched the hearts of numerous compassionate donors who eagerly anticipated their heartwarming reunion. After months of navigating through red tape, rigorous testing, and trying to secure a flight, Bella has finally set paws on American soil and is now en route to the loving embrace of the hero who rescued her.


When Scrappy was just three weeks old, a kind Army Sergeant took him in. He knew the small puppy would have a hard time surviving on his own. Having seen how stray animals in the region were treated, the Sergeant made it his mission to make sure that Scrappy would not end up on the street. It took months of preparation, but Scrappy is now home in North Carolina and ready to make himself at home with the Sergeant and the rest of his forever family. 


A courageous U.S. service member rushed to Hesco’s aid when he witnessed local children hurling him over a towering 16-foot barrier. In that critical moment, the Lieutenant made a solemn pledge to the vulnerable pup, vowing to shield him from harm’s way. Over the course of several months, he ensured Hesco’s well-being by providing sustenance, food, shelter, and love. As his deployment drew to a close, his determination to honor that promise burned even brighter. And just last week, Hesco and the hero who rescued him were joyfully reunited, and now they can embark on their new lives together in the United States.

PS: Copenhagen, who was rescued alongside siblings Rye, Bongo, and Whiskey will be taking her freedom flight once she has passed all the necessary tests. We’re excited to reunite her with her soldier soon and share that special moment with you. Be sure to stay tuned!

Every week, we receive more and more requests from U.S. service members who desperately need help bringing the beloved animals they befriend on deployment to safety. Each rescue can last from a few weeks to several months and costs between $4,000 to $9,000 per animal. We need your help reuniting these U.S. heroes with the animals they love.