Tween Generously Donates to SPCA International

Lev isn’t a typical 12 year old. He’s making good use of his downtime during COVID-19 by 3-D printing custom dog tags, and he is donating 10% of his proceeds to SPCA International!

While stuck at home, Lev started thinking about how he could give back in some way to others. He wasn’t sure how, but he finally had a great idea after his dog Mojo lost his dog tag and Lev couldn’t go out to buy him a new one. He was worried about Mojo getting lost, so Lev used his 3-D printer to make a new dog tag. Then he had the idea to make pet identification tags for others and he founded “Thingz Custom” to launch his business.

Note: The phone number has been intentionally blurred for privacy.

Lev took his time researching animal welfare organizations and settled on SPCA International after learning about our work. Now, every purchase of one of Lev’s pet tags will provide a donation. Lev’s pet tags are made of plastic, so they are very light weight. He offers nine color options and they are very affordable at only $10. The best part is they are fully customizable. Check out Lev’s website at to order your pet tag today.

SPCA International is so thrilled to be partnering with such a compassionate young entrepreneur and philanthropist. Lev shares that his inspiration for founding Thingz Custom is because he cares about animals and wants to give back to an organization that makes a big impact on animal welfare.